Harriet Tubman takes the stage, takes your heart, and takes your breath away in this powerful one-woman drama of America’s greatest heroine
Written by Margaret Barton Driggs

Vivian Gist as Harriet Tubman

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“She belongs on the stage!” said a voice inside me. It was 1978, and I was researching Harriet’s life for a magazine article. Now, in 1994, my vision of Harriet Tubman takes the stage. Here are the events that formed her. Here is the journey she made — from her birth into slavery at Bucktown, near Cambridge, in 1820, to the heroism that made her the Moses of her people.” Author’s notes, National Premiere production, Annapolis, Maryland.

Margaret Barton Driggs v. Gloria Jackson Winters Copyright Infringement Suit
Empowerment...I’ve heard black women say it: ‘This is empowering.’ Who says I can’t do something? Who can tell me what my limits are?”
The author, interviewed in The Baltimore Sun, April 20, 1994
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Individual Artist Award, Maryland State Arts Council
    1992, 1993
Pilgrim Project of New York, Award for Production, 1994
1994 Play Writing Award of the Festival of Southern Theatre 
1993-4 Finalist & Honorable Mention: Letters, National
...League of American Pen Women

Sweet Chariot is Harriet Tubman's living Voice

“The thing about Harriet Tubman that grabs everybody is her utter strength, her endurance, her persistence, and her courage. I can’t think of any other woman in history who could come close to her in character, and what she accomplished.” Vivian Gist, The Publick Enterprise, February 1994

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